Dandy Forum Guidance Notes:

The Dandy Forum has been set up to assist and help existing, past, and possible future Dandy / Riva owners. We are not a <club> but more of a community. As such we do not have any formal constitution.
If you like <clubs> please do join the Dandy Owners Club

We do not have any hard or fast rules, all we ask for is common sense, its as simple as that.

Our web site is open to all, with no charge (Donations are welcome) On our main forum, we do have some sections that can only be viewed once you are a registered member and are logged on.

All of our meets are an open house we do not dictate that <you must own a Dandy> or be a <member> We welcome everyone, no matter what age or what unit you own. We see ALL of our meets/gathering as a chance for future Dandy /Riva owners to view first hand, ask questions etc.

We do from time to time hold larger meets with other users and web sites, and this is a mutual working that works and also helps us fund raise.

Should you wish to add or to comment on these notes, please do so via the Dandy Forum